Verticalboard One
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Verticalboard One
Verticalboard One
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Verticalboard One
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Verticalboard One

Verticalboard One

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The Verticalboard One has been designed to work strength, resistance and endurance during your climbing training. It is particularly suitable for strengthening the muscular, tendinous and ligamentous structures of the fingers, forearms, arms and back used in climbing. 

Model: YY Vertical - Verticalboard One
Product weight: 1,685 kg
Product dimensions: 620 * 130 * 55 mm
Quantity per pack: 1 beam + 2 wedges + 8 screws
Wood : Poplar (Wood color may vary slightly from product to product)

Shipping in 24 hours and delivery in 3-4 working days

VerticalBoard One



Taken : 45mm, 25mm, 20mm, 18mm

Sockets + wedges : 35mm, 15mm, 10mm, 8mm

Angled grips : 25mm / 30°

Bi-fingers : 50mm, 30mm

Dishes : 35°, 20°- Trays + central handle 

Excellent grip

This workout beam is made of poplar wood, offering excellent grip and respect for your skin. The rounding of the sockets has also been designed to be the most Comfortable and ergonomic possible.

Magnetic wedges

The system of magnetic wedges allows you to challenge yourself and evolve by reducing the depth of the grips by 10 mm. Afraid of losing the wedges? No problem, you can store them on the magnetic mounts located on either side of the climbing beam.

Central handle

The center handle is ideal for all levels, whether performing one-arm pull-ups or attaching a rubber band to do offload pull-ups. (Download the leaflet)

Approved by experienced coaches

Designed in the Alps

Tested by professionals

Tested by the Vertical Factory


Free Workout Videos

All the information for training with the Verticalboard thanks to 10 videos from certified trainers.

Discover the VERTICALBOARD tutorials


Yes the product comes with the screws.

First, you should know that climbing is a complete sport that will require both physical, technical, tactical and mental aspects and that all these aspects are interconnected.  

As a beginner, you must above all build the technical, tactical and mental aspects by climbing a lot, because the physique will not be limiting at this level. However, developing it will allow you to be more confident in climbing situations and facilitate the learning of other aspects. It will be necessary to be careful not to force too much on the fragile structures that are the fingers because they are not yet adapted to too great constraints. 

Shipping costs are free on this product.

The VerticalBoard One is a so-called specific climbing training tool because it allows you to train aspects close to the activity such as suspension or pull-ups on holds. Working on this tool will induce physiological changes at the muscular level (hypertrophy, …) nervous (development of the neuronal network, recruitment of motor units …) and passive structures (reinforcements of tendons, pulleys, joints and ligaments).  

To develop all these points, we offer you videos and chips presenting adapted exercises to your level and your goals designed and tested by our partner PC Training, specialist in tailor-made training planning, monitoring and improving climbing performance. 

From the first uses, the beam will gain grip thanks to the creation of relief due to the accumulation of magnesia. After thousands of uses on dishes, they will start to patina and lose grip. Just sand with coarse sandpaper to bring a new youth to the wood and find the friction of yesteryear.

We have chosen to use poplar wood for its comfort, design and ecology characteristics. In addition to being soft to the touch, it offers a good grip while taking care not to damage your precious skin. In addition, it is a wood that is one of the fast-growing trees that consumes little water and captures more CO2 than the others (between 70 and 140 liters per hour)

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